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Our efforts to make a safe space for all

Work that has been done already

  • Deep clean of the entire building
  • Installation of an acrylic screen at the counter to provide a physical barrier between staff and customer
  • Installation of hand sanitizer stations in each room and in foyer
  • Installation of paper towel dispenser system in toilet, bye bye tea towels!
  • Booking system is being adjusted to try to minimise bands arriving and leaving at the same time

Work that will be done regularly from 1st August

  • For every booking we take we will add an hour of dead time before it, so there will always be time for us to get in and clean
  • Cleaning regime between each session: all door handles, light switches, amp controls, PA controls, drumkits and mic stands will be wiped down with 70% IPA wipes
  • We will encourage singers to provide their own microphones. In the event that they do not, we will supply our mics as normal, sanitised between uses by hot swapping the grilles. We will be using 70% IPA spray for the cleaning of the mics and grilles, as well as specialised mic cleaning products
  • We will be equipping the rooms to a higher level than before, so as to minimise the amount of gear that is passed over the counter. In this way hopefully you will find everything you need in the room when you get in and you won't need to come to the counter for anything
  • Due to space there is no possibility of a one-way system around the interior. We will try to manage the flow of people inside for example for people who want to use the toilet, need to come to the counter to pay or buy something etc, and we would hope for customers' cooperation and understanding in this
  • Payments can and should be made by contactless methods if at all possible
  • We must and will insist that people who arrive early wait outside until their room is ready. With the aim of staggering room times as much as possible, and reducing the time people spend in the foyer or common areas, it is possible people may have to wait a few minutes to get in their room. But rest assured, they will always get the full time they pay for
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